Rotary Subs

WNCO rotary subs are available in virtually any size and configuration our customers may require.

All rotary subs are made from AISI 4145H alloy heat treated to a Brinell Hardness range of 285-341. Subs are shipped with pressed steel thread protectors in place.

On inquiries and orders for rotary subs, please specify:

  • Type of sub
  • Overall length
  • Largest diameter
  • Bore
  • Size and type of upper and lower connections and any special features.

Drill Collars

WNCO drill collars are manufactured from AISI series 4145H alloy steel and are fully heat treated to a Brinell Hardness range of 285-341, and minimum IZOD impact value of 40 ft/lbs. These physical properties are guaranteed to one-inch below the surface at ambient room temperature. Precision trepanning is your assurance of close bore tolerance and all bores are drifted to API Specifications. Thread profile, lead, taper, depth and gauge standoff are constantly checked to all applicable API Specifications, to further improve the service life of each connection, and to reduce the effects of bending and other stresses.

Fine tungsten carbide hard banding is available upon request for abrasive drilling applications. Please specify the nature of the application and/or the hard banding specifications required.

Non-Magnetic Drill Collars available upon request.

When ordering drill collars, please specify:

  • Outside Diameter
  • Inside Diameter
  • Length
  • Connection Size & Type: standard, relief groove, bore back
  • Slip and/or elevator recess
  • Spiraling
  • Hard banding
  • Standard or Heavy Duty Thread Protectors (pressed vs. cast steel)
  • Any Special Features

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